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Building Permits

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The following is information to assist the homeowners and contractors who wish to perform renovations, alterations and/or new construction:

A Building Permit is Required For:

Construction or installation of a new home, garage, carport, deck, chimney, additions, new rooms, structural alterations, siding, windows, roofing and deck repairs. The requirement for a building permit may not be limited to the above. Contact the Planning and Compliance Department for further clarification. A permit application must be accompanied by drawings, where applicable, and the work must commence within the six months of permit issuance and be completed not later than the expiry date indicated.

A Development Permit is Required For:

A development permit is for work that pertains primarily to land use requirements and is not subject to building code inspections.  Permits are required for signs, sheds, fences, pools, tempoary storage shelters, re-roofing under 150 square meters (1615 square feet) in area and decks less than 600mm (24 inches) from grade.  

New Home Construction Permits:

When constructing a new home, there are a number of permits required as follows:

> Single Family/Duplex New Construction, Additions and Renovations
> Water and Sewer Lateral Extension Application
> Energy Efficiency Form

To learn more about Energy Efficiency click on this link.

Development Permit Application Forms:

> Accessory Building (Shed/Garage) Under 55 square meters
> Deck less than 600mm (24 inches) from Ground - Free Floating
> Deck less than 600mm (24 inches) from Ground - Attached
> Sign
> Temporary Storage Shelter
> Pool
> Fence
> Re-Roof

Building Permit Application Forms:

> Deck over 600mm (24 inches) from Ground - Free Floating
> Deck over 600mm (24 inches) from Ground - Attached
> Accessory Building (Shed/Garage) Over 55 square meters
> Multi-Unit Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Institutional New Construction, Additions and Renovations
> Committment for Field Review Forms
> Demolition Permit
> Change of Occupancy 

Building/Development Permit Fee Schedule:

Building/development permits are calculated using a service index model, for specific information on your project see Schedule A
A Surveyor’s Real Property Report and a Building Deposit is required for some construction (See Building By-Law #513).

√ A Checklist to Help You:

  1. Complete application for development/ building permit.
  2. Two (2) copies of site plan.
  3. Two (2) complete sets of: floor plans, elevations, structural details.
  4. Provincial electrical and plumbing permits.
  5. Permit fee based on estimated cost of work.
  6. Where applicable, a building deposit.
  7. Where applicable, a driveway curb reduction deposit. Where applicable, a water and sewer connection inspection fee.
  8. Placard displayed in prominent location and approved drawings kept on site.
  9. Call for inspection, 24 hours prior to placing of foundation footings.
  10. Call for inspection, 24 hours prior to backfilling of foundation.  (A Surveyor’s Real Property Report is required at this time.) 
  11. Call for inspection, 24 hours prior to interior sheathing of walls and ceilings.
  12. Call for inspection, 48 hours prior to occupancy.

Driveway Curb Reduction Deposit:

The Town of Oromocto or its agent may reduce the driveway curb profile upon receipt of a deposit. The applicant agrees to pay the Town of Oromocto all costs associated with the reduction of the driveway curbing. Upon completion of the work a financial adjustment relative to the deposit will be made in favour of the Town or the applicant as appropriate.

Curb Cut Application Form

Water and Sewer Lateral Extension Agreement:

Upon signing the agreement and paying the inspection fee, the owner/builder may choose the Town of Oromocto Works Department or an “Approved Contractor” to carry out excavation and backfill to the water and sewer laterals and extend same from the property line to connect with the water and sewer lines installed by the builder one metre beyond the building face. 

Important Things to Remember:

If you have any questions or require assistance in completing the application forms, please contact the Planning and Compliance Department at 357-4500.


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