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Town Council

The Town of Oromocto is governed by a Town Council consisting of a Mayor, and 6 Town Councillors. The Mayor and Town Councillors serve for a four-year term, with municipal elections being held on the second Monday in May during the year set aside for municipal elections by the Province of New Brunswick.  Town Council is responsible for conducting the business of municipal government. This is done through a variety of meetings, including regular Council meetings, Council-in-Committee meetings, Standing Committee meetings, and other committee and board meetings.

Current Council 2021-2025

Mayor Robert Powell 
Ward 1 - Councillor Jeff Kirkbride 
Ward 1 - Councillor Lorraine Dawe 
Ward 2 - Councillor Raymond Henry
Ward 2 - Councillor Brad Whalen

Ward 3 - Deputy Mayor Sheridan Mawhinney 
Ward 3 - Councillor Kelly Murdock 
Ward 4 - Councillor Ryan Carr
Ward 4 - Councillor Gary von Richter

Ward Map

Click Here to view a copy of the Ward Map for the Town of Oromocto.  The 2023 Ward Map to include Ward 4 will soon be updated.


Municipal Elelctions are held every four years and are administered by the Province of New Brunswick. The last municipal election was held on Monday, 10 May 2021.  If you are interested in learning more about running for Council, please click here. 

(seated: L-R Councillor Jeff Kirkbride, Councillor Kelly Murdock, Mayor Robert (Bob) Powell, Councillor Lorraine Dawe, Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk John Jackson, Councillor Brad Whaen backrow: Councillor Ryan Carr, Councillor Raymond Henry, Councillor Gary von Richter and Deputy Mayor Sheridan Mawhinney)
Council Chambers

The Oromocto Town Council Chambers is located on the third floor of the Oromocto Municipal Building at 4 Doyle Drive. Fixed seating for Town Council, senior staff and media are provided, as well as plenty of room for audience seating. The podium has been designed to accommodate speakers and the entire room has a fully wired audio system and is wired for future audio/visual enhancements.

Council Meetings 

The Oromocto Town Council meets once a month in Regular Session on the Thursday following the third Wednesday of each month now at 5:30 pm; once a month in Committee on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm; and, on occassion meetings are rescheduled to alternate dates. * Please note if any of our Council dates change, information will be provided in the news section of the website.

Appearing/Presentations Before Council
If you or your organization wishes to make a presentation to Mayor & Council, please fill out the this form and email/fax/mail/drop off to Assistant Town Clerk Cindy Goguen
December 12 2024

Regular Session of Council

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