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Animal Services


The Town of Oromocto has contracted services for Animal Control/Protection Officer through the New Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NBSPCA). 
Contact: NBSPCA 1-877-722-1522 or Email:



Note: the Town or the NBSPCA do not have authority over pest control, wildlife, livestock, feral cats or any other animal.

The NBSPCA has a uniformed officer skilled in the provisions of providing animal control services for household pets, primarily dogs to be dispatched within the Town of Oromocto.  Under this agreement the NBSPCA will provide services related to carrying out the funcations and enforcement of the Provincial Dog Regulation, New Brunswick Regulation 2022-36, under the Local Governance Act and the Town's Animal Control By-Law.

The NBSPCA provides animal control and shelter operations; a toll-free, bilingual dispatch service; animal protection officer on an as-needed basis; compliance orders, tickets and fines; transportation of an animal to veterinary care; and if required, transportation of the animal to the impound facility.

A notice will be posted of on the NBSPCA Facebook page of any dog or cat found running at large with contact information for the owner to reclaim it.

Reports are investigated by the society's Animal Protection Officers who also assist the RCMP on animal-related matters.  Under the NB Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Animal Protection Officers have the authority to seize animals, conduct investigations and in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies and the Crown Prosecutor's Office, bring charges under the NBSPCA Act and the Criminal Code of Canada.


Animal control issues, such as stray dogs, unleashed dogs, barking dogs, dog bites and/or dangerous dogs can be reported to the NBSPCA 24-hours a day, 7 days a week 1-877-722-1522.  Please note that the after-hours dispatch service has an answering service and we ask for residents to provide the details of your call and indicate that your calling for an issue in the Town of Oromocto and that you are requesting assistance from the NBSPCA Animal Control Officer.  Please also provide a description of the dog/animal and the address of the owner if known.


(proof of up-to-date inoculations must be provided at the time the dog licence is purchased)

ID your pet - all dogs in the Province of NB are required by law to be registered and wear a dog tag. It is crucial for your pet to have identification so they can be returned if they get lost.  Pets without identification are problematic to reunite with their owners. In these cases, the Animal Control Officer will pick up the stray animal with no tag and immediately dispatch the stray to a shelter.  If a microchip is found in the pet, the owners are contacted and the fees associated with sheltering, transporting, licensing and fines must be paid prior to the release of the animal.

Residents must register their dogs annually:


Neither the NBSPCA, shelter or the Town of Oromocto will be held responsible for illness, accident or death of any dogs while in their custody.

Impound facilities are located at the nearest SPCA shelter.  Dogs may be reclaimed at the shelter by their owners during hours specific to that shelter.  No animal will be returned to its owner until payment for all expenses related to their animal are paid and the current tags purchased.  These fees may include fines, licence, health and any veterinary expenses.  If it cannot be determined that a dog has its rabies shot, one will be provided at the owner's expense.


The NBSPCA also promotes humane education, advocates for all animals, works for stronger animal protection laws and cooperates with government agencies and other animal welfare groups in the province and across Canada. NBSPCA Code of Practice for the Care of Dogs in New Brunswick.


For any issues concerning wildlife, please contact the Department of Natural Resources and Energy toll-free number at 1-877-952-7277 or 506-453-3826. This department holds the mandate for cases involving moose deer, bear and some species requiring special management.  They may be able to provide some direction or support in relation to injured or orphaned wildlife.  

If the matter is an immediate safety hazard, or an emergency situation, please dial 9-1-1.

Preventative Tactics for Resolving Nuisance Wildlife:


  1. Oromocto and Area SPCA: Tel 506-446-41087 Email: Address: 111 D'Amours Street, Oromocto Hours of Operation (closed on holidays): Monday - Sunday 11 am - 5pm (messages are checked during those hours)
  2. New Brunswick SPCA: Tel 1-877-722-1522 Their mandate is the welfare of animals for things such as food, water, shelter and care.  To report animal abuse, neglect or an animal in distress, contact the NBSPCA.  They work on cases of animal protection involving farmed animals and companion animals.
  3. Department of Natural Resources and Energy: Tel 1-877-952-7277 or 506-453-3826 They hold the mandate for nuisance wildlife cases involving moose, deer, bear and some species requiring special management.  They may be able to provide some direction of support in relation to injured or orphaned animals.
  4. RCMP (Oromocto Detachment): Tel 1-800-665-6663 (24-hour non-emergency number) or 9-1-1 if it is an emergency situation.  Contact the RCMP if there is any physical harm/injury or harassment in nature towards an individual by an animal.  Please note pet owners are responsible for damage to vehicles.
  5. Public Health (Fredericton Office): Tel 506-453-5200 (general questions)  Report any incident of a bite or injury to the Communicable Disease Branch with Public Health at 506-444-5905.
  6. CARMA Fredericton: Tel: 506-454-2000 for feral cats/cat colonies
  7. Atlantic Wildlife Institute: Tel 506-364-1902 They can be contacted for injured or orphaned wildlife.
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