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Historic Riverfront

Where Rivers and People Meet!

The Oromocto Riverfront is the historical centre of the community where one can learn about the rich history of the community at the interpretative kiosks located along the banks of the waterfront, or view the many monuments and sculptures located there.  At the riverfront one can also rent a canoe, kayak or paddle boards at the small aquatic centre and explore first hand the Oromocto River and the mighty St. John.   All sites are within walking distance of one another.  Learn about topics ranging from Oromocto's origins to its flourishing lumber trade and sacred landmarks.

Sculptures and Monuments (Click Here)

Other Activities:

The Boating Routes
This area is steeped in history. In its backwaters, listen to the dip of the paddle of the birch bark canoe that dominated travel here for over 10,000 years. Weave between the islands and drift beside centuries-old seasonal pastures where cattle have grazed for over 300 years.  The Town of Oromocto’s full marina and Hazen Park are an easy walk to restaurants and shopping. 

Oromocto Riverfront - A Birder's Paradise
Head west along the trail that parallels the Oromocto River and enter an enchanted floodplain forest of Silver and Red Maples. Springtime water levels force the river inland to the base of this old railway line. Where land and water collide birds find edge habitat that offers them food, water, and shelter. The filter feeding puddle ducks are found in abundance here. American Black Ducks, Mallards, and Blue-Winged Teal sift their way through tremendous volumes of water in order to strain out a few floating seeds of grasses and wild rice that are the carbohydrates of choice. Wood Ducks, with their specialized bills and dietary preferences, search out the acorns of Red Oaks who dominate the higher knolls and intervale ridges that dot the river shoreline. The Oromocto is a placid river, baptized centuries ago by the Maliseet as ‘Welamooktook’, the good river for easy canoeing... read more (Lower River Passage)


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