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Advantage Oromocto



Oromocto is located in the Greater Fredericton Area, New Brunswick’s knowledge industry capital, with a population of approximately 125,000.   Oromocto is home to the Canadian Army's Base Gagetown, one of the largest military training centres in the Commonwealth. Over 25,000 consumers live within a 9 km radius.  The Town of Oromocto provides all the advantages of a well-serviced urban centre, yet prides itself on having small town ambiance. Accessibility to the US border from Oromocto is a one-hour drive along the Trans Canada Highway, where it connects to the US I-95 in the State of Maine.  The Greater Fredericton Airport is just 5 minutes from Oromocto. Shipping ports in Saint John, NB and Halifax, NS provide access to the ports of the world. Oromocto is also fully serviced by both air and trucking services to all US and Canadian destinations. Our central geographic proximity on the Eastern Seaboard facilitates convenient access to Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic and U.S. markets – translating to 60 million consumers within a day’s drive.   We are a vital community with outstanding municipal services, a reliable labour force and an excellent quality of life!

The Town of Oromocto is functions as a regional provider of health, education, retail and business services for Sunbury County.  Sunbury County population is:  


Oromocto has outstanding fibre optics capability which enables its businesses to connect to the globabl marketplace through e-commerce and more.   It's access to major transportation hubs and its afforable cost of doing business make Oromocto an ideal location to start, grow or even re-locate your business.


Access to Major Transportation Hubs

CityDistance from Oromocto
Fredericton, NB22 km 
Toronto, ON1216 km
Quebec City, QC603 km 
Saint John, NB111 km
Halifax, NS421 km
Moncton, NB183 km 
New York, NY1044 km
Bangor, ME321 km  
Ottawa, ON 870 km 
Boston, MA713 km 


Oromocto along with its business development partners are ready to serve you, drop us an email and let us know how we can help you today.  


December 12 2024

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