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Water and Sewer

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Water and Sewer Division

The Town of Oromocto purchases its water from the Department of National Defence and distributes it to the residents and businesses within the Town of Oromocto.  This function is carried out by the Water & Sewer section who are also responsible for:

Report a Watermain Break - There are several reasons why a water main break can occur - a change in temperature, excessive pressure, age of the pipe, etc. If you notice a water main break, please call us at 506-357-4409 or after hours 506-357-2201. 

24/7 Emergency Water/Sewer contact number 506-447-8481

Water Testing - Water Testing is done as per our Class II Water Distribution Approval to Operate with the Province of New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government.  Operators are Certified as required by Approval of the Minister of New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.  All water testing is conducted by an accredited laboratory and qualified operators.

Water and Sewer Bill Payment - Click here for more information

How to Read Your Meter - Locate your water meter. They are normally found in basements or crawl spaces. If your meter has a lid, lift it. When you read your meter, write down every number from left to right exactly as it appears on the "odometer style" display of your meter's dial. This includes all zeros at the beginning and the black number(s) at the end.  Call 506-357-4400 to report your meter reading.  If you prefer you can always take a picture of the meter and email it to and include your meter number and home address. If you received an estimated bill, please contact us to provide the following information or arrange for our staff to read the meter:

Regular meter readings can help you save money and avoid high bills by alerting you to unusual increases in the amount of water you use. They also assist in the early detection of costly water waste and plumbing leaks. Check your plumbing fixtures regularly and fix any dripping taps or faulty toilets. Plumbing leaks can be very costly. 


Backflow Prevention -  Backflow is caused by backward flow of water due to a change in water pressure.  Backflow can be avoided by ensuring that a backflow preventer is in place in case of potential or an existing cross connection.  All commercial and residential building owners are responsible for maintaining backflow preventers.  A cross connection is an actual or a potential connection between any part of a potable water system and another environment containing other substances (non-potable water, chemicals, etc.). If backflow were to occur, such substances could enter the potable water system and contaminate it.  Although less frequently than in businesses, cross connections can be found in residential buildings (in pools, irrigation systems, etc.). However, recently built homes do have backflow preventers. It is recommended that one be installed by a certified plumber in older homes.  An unprotected or inadequately protected cross connection on your premises could contaminate drinking water, not only to your business or home, but in the line that supplies neighboring homes and businesses. Home or business owners are responsible for making sure that there are no cross connections on their properties. If you suspect that there is one in your house or building, please contact the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety.


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