video The Town of Oromocto is pleased to share with you its feature from the "Insights with Terry Bradshaw" television program.


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The Oromocto Fire Department is a composite fire department consisting of:

The Oromocto Fire Department is staffed 24 hours a day by a minimum of four career firefighters. The career firefighters work a trail, 24-hour rotation in a four platoon system and respond to all calls. If additional resources are required, the volunteer firefighters are paged-out and respond on the trucks that are needed. In addition to fire suppression duties, the Oromocto Fire Department provides medical assistance response within the Town of Oromocto, water rescue, ice rescue and auto extrication. Dispatch services and IT support for the Department’s incident reporting system (FDM) are provided, on a contract basis, by the City of Fredericton, located approximately 20 km away.


December 16 2021

Regular Session of Council

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