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Places of Worship

There are a number of places of worship within the Town of Oromocto


Oromocto Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Perry Hanley

10 Doyle Drive,
Oromocto, NB E2V 0B4
Phone: (506) 446-3413

Oromocto United Church 

Reverend Lori Beth Sheffield-Bowles
144 Winnebago Street
Oromocto, NB E2V 1C8
Phone: (506) 357-3423


St. John’s Anglican Church 

Reverend Walter Williams
60 Broad Road
Oromocto, NB E2V 1C2
Phone: (506) 357-2285
Phone: (506) 357-8941


St. John Paul II Parish

Father Charles Udeh
29 Loisville Street
Oromocto, NB E2V 1B9
Phone: (506) 357-2593
 Masses: Sunday - 10:00 am
               Tuesday - 6:30 pm
               Thursday - 12:00 pm
               Friday - 9:00 am

Other Nearby Locations:

Base Gagetown
St Mary's Catholic Church
(french and english mass)
Phone: (506) 422-2000 ext: 2250

St. Luke's Chapel
Phone: (506) 422-2000 ext: 2290 

French Lake Baptist Church

Rev. Paul Thompson
517 French Lake Road
French Lake, NB
Phone: (506)357-0117

Geary Baptist Church

Rev. Greg H. Sparkes
668 Broad Road
Geary, NB
Discovery Hour 9:30 am and Church Service 10:45 am
Phone: (506) 357-2562 

Geary Pentecostal Church

Reverend Mark Noël
4 Lauvina Road
Geary, NB  E2V 3X4

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

Dr. Perry Edwards
54 Broad Road
Haneytown, NB  E2V 3N9
Phone: (506) 357-8821  (506) 446-4280
Just 2Km from CFB Gagetown Main Gate

Church Organizations:

Anglican Church Women

Donna Mulholland
207 Route 102 Hwy
Burton, NB E2V 3A7
Phone: (506) 357-2703

Catholic Women’s League 

President: Maria Frances 
11 Robert Street
Oromocto, NB E2V 2N2
Phone: (506) 357-7118

If you would like to have your Oromocto and area Place of Worship listed on this page, please send an email with your information to


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