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Apartment Fire at 980 Onondaga Street

  • 2020-04-15

15 April 2020 - Notice to the Public - a fire has occurred at an apartment building located at 980 Onandaga Street. There are no injuries reported at this time.

There are 32 units in the building. A number of residents have been dislocated and will require temporary lodging. Residents have been received at a registration and inquiry point at the Hazen Park Center by Town Staff. This information has been shared with the Red Cross who is coordinating support and booking temporary accommodations at Days Inn.

Family and friends seeking to contact residents are able to make inquiries regarding their registration by contacting the Red Cross - 1-506-440-5371.
- the Red Cross staff are currently reaching out to impacted families to provide support.
- the building is not currently available for access by residents, as the fire is still being managed by fire crews.

When the incident commander clears the building for access, the building superintendent and Red Cross staff will be notified. The incident commander will coordinate access for emergency medications or other critical supplies

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