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2022 Budgets Were Approved

  • 2021-11-19

The Town of Oromocto Council passed its 2022 Operating and Water and Sewer Utility Budgets on Thursday, 18 November 2021.  The budget priorities identified were three-fold: (1) fund existing operational costs; (2) maintain current infrastructure and (3) plan for a new multi-use recreation and culture facility to replace the arts and learning centre, community centre, library and arena. 

 General Operating Budget Distribution

The General Operating Budget for 2022 is established at $20,660,297.  The Town’s Community Funding Equalization Grant for the Province of New Brunswick has increased slightly to $579,000. Council has selected to decrease its property tax mill rate in 2022 from $1.4151 to $1.4051 a savings that will be passed onto its ratepayers.  This operating budget enables the Town of Oromocto to maintain its current service levels, while addressing increased operating pressures and inflation.  Specifically, this budget allows Council to begin the planning process for a new recreation and cultural facility; enable the Town to start dealing with the growing costs of water/sewer services; and to invest in some environmental leadership activities. 

Capital Budget(s) Distribution

To effectively meet its budget objectives and to balance the budget, Council has reduced its capital budget expenditures to $1.643 million.  Some of the major items include:

Road Infrastructure:

  • Miramichi Road Street and Sidewalk Paving
  • Onondaga Street (Gas-Tax Fund)


  • RCMP Ground HVAC Unit
  • Fire Station 1 Shower Renovation
  • King’s Arrow Arena Flat Roof Replacement  

Fleet Replacements:

  • EPW: Ford 450, Two half tons and Recycle Truck
  • Fire: SUV and Pumper Truck (retrofit)
  • Van (Recreation and Tourism)

Parks and Recreation:

  • Gateway Wetland Accessibility Upgrades
  • Disc Golf Course
  • MacKenzie Field Soccer Goal
  • VIC Interpretive Plan
  • Arena Dasher Boards


  • Jaws of Life
  • Trunked Mobile Radios
  • Bunker Gear Washer

Water and Sewer Utility Budget:

The water and sewer utility budget provides for water, wastewater and stormwater services to customers.  In order for the Town to maintain its operating and capital expenses, increases are necessary to be able to continue to deliver quality services and meet regulatory requirements. Water and sewerage services from the Base to the Town have significantly increased in the past five years (46% for water and 91% for sewerage).  The other cost driver to the utility budget is the maintenance costs of the distribution system, operated by the Town, which have doubled in five years.  The current billing system was no longer sustainable.  As a result, the consumption rate will increase by $.20 per cubic meter from $3.50 to $3.70.  In addition, Phase 2 of the five-year fixed rate plan will take effect resulting in an increase of $6 per quarter.

December 12 2024

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